Inspirations and Behind the Scenes for Collection 1

Coming of age in a city like New York, you are always surrounded by those that push the boundaries. The youth constantly takes societal norms and reinvent them. It's idea of taking something out of context and making it something of your own. Growing up in the downtown scene, there is so much to see. New York kids are the influencers. We create the trends that you’ll see everywhere else a couple of weeks later. I’ve always been inspired by Basquiat. He would wear expensive Armani suits, but would have paint splatter on the bottoms and keep his hair wild. He wanted the bourgeois art world to see and react to the juxtaposition. I took unconventional fabrics and meshed them with classic silhouettes. Taking things out of context to put it in our generation’s world. 

Thank you so much to all of my friends and most importantly my mother that helped make this dream come to life. 

Look book shot by Sunny Ou (IG @urban_sun) and  Andrew Park (IG @apertureist)

Models: Via Pouget (IG @viapouget) and Dylan St Lawerence (IG @dylanstlawrence) 

Behind the scene photos shot by Ian Vasquez (IG @focvsd)  

- Kimberly (@kim.berle) 

Kimberly Zhong