The search of an identity as a youth is characterized with a sense of loneliness. Growing up if you do not identify with mainstream culture, you tend to latch onto an alternative culture, a subculture. These subcultures are distinctive, each having a different taste in music, attitudes, and dress..

The term style tribes, coined by Ted Polhemusis, is used to describe groups that dress in a distinctive style to show their memberships to these unique cultures. The adolescent years are described as an in-between of the paradox of reliance and independence.


When you’re young you don't really have much, but those around you. We find solidarity and support from our friends, our tribe. It seems as it’s you against the world. We form these style tribes to give us comfort. The youth forms these bonds, becoming a family, creating a tribe..

Style tribes don't just look at fashion as a superficial entity or a status symbol, but a uniform to show the world our values and attitudes.